ExoSeq partners with accredited and licensed laboratories and healthcare providers to offer best-in-class services to patients and doctors.



Agiomix Laboratories is a group of speciality diagnostics laboratories that are ISO and CAP accredited and locally licensed, the group is headquartered in Dubai, UAE with direct and partner presence in many countries, Agiomix stated mission is to offer next generation diagnostics to help further the adoption and practice of precision medicine


Precision Health Clinix is a group of multi-disciplinary clinics with a stated mission of making precision medicine a reality for all patients and doctors, Precision Health Clinix adopt a unique approach to providing care for patients based on their personalized genetic makeup.


Counselomix is a unique digital medical and genetic counseling platform, offering counseling services for oncology, fertility, wellness and genetic disease to patients as well as specialized counseling for healthcare providers in the areas of tumor molecular profiling.

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